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Laying Hens Edmonton & Area

Available in limited quantities every April and Fall point of lay hens. These birds will be 19-20 weeks old on pickup, and just starting to lay eggs.

Our Lohmann Brown Laying Hens are the perfect choice for anyone looking to add to their flock, or start their own backyard flock.


These hens are exceptional layers that will provide you with a steady supply of fresh eggs. These pullets will lay a beautiful large brown egg every day.


Easy pickup from our Farm 30 minutes east of Sherwood Park, just off Hwy 16. Our trusted Farm serves the greater Edmonton, Alberta and area.

Pickup April 21 & 22 


When you purchase our point of lay hens, you can be confident that you are investing in top-quality birds that will produce delicious eggs for you and your family.

Lohmann Brown Eggs
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