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Our farm is proud to raise heritage pigs in a regenerative farming environment, allowing for a healthy lifestyle for the animals, where they are allowed to express their natural behaviors


Our pigs are free to roam outside in our old growth forest, allowing them to feed on a variety of wild life and natural vegetation.


Raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones or steroids.

Taste the difference!


All cut and wrapped pork cuts are processed at a provincially licensed and inspected facility.

Whole & half pork available - Deposit Required

$3/lb live weight at butcher shop. You give cut and wrap instructions. Pay remainder when you pick up from the butcher shop.

On Farm slaughter is available on site as requested and you can butcher the pig yourself.


Our suckling pigs are available during the summer months.

Pigs come prepped and ready for BBQ.

All hair and feet are removed, feet can be left on for an additional $25 charge.

Organs and head removal available per request free of charge.


We have various aged and sized piglets available in the spring and fall.


Want to save money on your own home grown pork, grow a pig out for the summer on your land and butcher when you're ready however you please!

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