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Rent a Hen

Our Rent a Hen Packages Includes Everything you Need to Care for Chickens from

May 1st, 2024 to October 1st, 2024.


City Rent a Hen

Rural Rent a Hen

Hen Only Rentals

What a better time to try chickens in your own backyard. You can expect 15-20 fresh eggs from 3 hens each week!


We deliver and pickup all the food, hens, and coops right to you. At the end of the rental the hens will return to our Farm to live out the rest of their life. We offer very fair buyout pricing for all items in your rental if you decide you want to keep hens for your family full time after the rental period.

We designed our coops and runs to fit through all gates and back yards.

See our FAQ Page for more information

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