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Do I have to apply for a special permit to keep hens in Edmonton?

Yes you need to apply to the city of Edmonton through their website. Our package includes a Chicken coop built to their requirements, it will need to be put together in your yard, we will provide the prints to send to The City of Edmonton for approval. See all the information you need to apply on The City of Edmonton website Urban Hen Program.

The City of Edmonton's Urban Hen Program

The City of Edmonton's Chicken Coop Rules

What else do I need to do to keep Hens?

You will need to apply for a PID Account (Premises Identification). This ID is required in order to purchase medication and food for your Chickens. When you buy food they note the Lot Number to your PID Number in case there is a recall on the food. 

Each Hen keeper will also need to take an introductory Urban Hen Keeper Course.

Introductory Hen Keeper Course


Premises Identification Create Account

Is there a minimum or maximum number of hens?

Yes, The City of Edmonton sets a minimum of 3 hens and a maximum of 6 hens.

We highly recommend starting with 3 Hens if its your first time keeping chickens.

What if we decide chickens aren't for us?

Contact us and we will come pick up the chickens and all their gear, and we will integrate them back in to our flock.

Where do the chickens go in the winter?

We come get the hens and all the gear at the end of September, the hens will be quarantined in their chicken tractor to ensure no disease is introduced to the flock. Once everyone has been inspected and is ready to be integrated they will become a flock on our farm. You just get to enjoy your hens all summer and don't have to worry about a thing over the winter.

What if I want to keep my Hens at the end of the program?

We have a buyout option at the end of the summer if you decide you want to keep the chickens. However you must supply adequate winter housing, including supplemental heat as needed.

My Hen stopped laying Now What?

Don't worry, contact us and we will come trade the hen out for one that is laying.

What do I feed the Chickens?

We supply all the food you will need for the summer, as long as you follow the measuring guidelines provided in your startup package. Chickens love fruits and veggies, so you can feel good about composting your table scraps via the chickens. 

What if one of the Hens gets sick?

Contact us immediately if you notice anything different in your laying hens or you assume they are sick and we will come bring you another hen and remove the other sick one from the flock.

What happens if a predator gets the chickens.

We understand that things can happen and predators can get in to the coop. Contact us immediately and we will provide further assistance/investigate the problem.

Is The City of Edmonton the only place allowing Backyard Hens?

No! This year more cities are opening up to the idea of allowing backyard hens.

Leduc Urban Hens

St. Albert Urban Hens

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